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 Xtreme Events

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PostSubject: Xtreme Events    Xtreme Events  EmptyThu Mar 28, 2013 10:58 am

Thread Orginally made my Undelos

Even though those little low lifes got on the game and decided to give CN ANOTHER reason to shut down FusionFall, I was actually REALLY HAPPY WITH THE TURNOUT!!! SERIOUSLY THAT WAS AWESOME!

It just goes to show how many people still want to have this game around!

And that got me to thinking......DOOD! We could REALLY DO THIS!! I didn't know that we could get so many people by just posting on the CN forums! Jake feel free to help us out but I'll take point on this next Event if you dont mind.

Now. On the chat we were discussing some new kind of events.
They are still works in progress, although most have had their kinks worked out, they are event Ideas that we decided to make up in real time so we are sharing them here.

I want to start by listing what we CANNOT consider for an event:

- Anything that involves shooting people

that annoying Dialouge box pops up anytime you try to point and click on someone.
Second, you have to rely on someone's honor to let them know that they've been hit.
Three, do rocket wars get boring after a while???
- Events consisting solely of talking

Yep. Boring. No explanation needed. I may be very colorful when I go to type....but even I dont want to stand around running my mouth.

FusionFall GrandPrix

This will be a World Relay Racing event.

It will also consist of a team of 4.

The starting point will be at a Low level area like Sector V.
Also, the racers will be placed by their level. The first racer in the event must be level 10 or below. The second must be level 15 or below. The third must be level 17 and below.
The last can be Level capped.
This way, it can be fair and we wont have level 8's getting dusted by level 17's on the route from Sector V.

I figure the Relay points can consist of
Sector V ===> to the Cul-de-Sac ===> Camp Kidney ===> Mt. Blackhead.

Routes Subject to change obviously.


NO Skyway agents
NO Hacks.

Finish Line Finale!

At the end of the race, The winners will be provided with a prize.
We will have to come up with some prizes obviously.

From here we can have a Fashion contest, announce the winners of the Art contest, have a Rocket war, and then possibly a Big Game Hunt.
Fashion Contest

First of it's kind!

We ALL LOOOOOOOOOVE to show off our exquisitely dressed characters.
So why not Flaunt it now???

There will be 5 CritX Judges.

We will judge on
Creativity - Rarity - Originality

May add other categories later.

Winner would get a prize obviously.

Art Contest

Yes. this does sound like a pretty unusable idea but after thinking about it, This could be an inside contest.

During the Finish Line Finale we would just mention the winners.

Anyone curious enough will probably just ask.
Then we'll just hit them with a little bit of Shameless Self advertising.

Good Idea no?

Big Game Hunt
(name subject to change)

Bringing back the Fusion Safari with a massive change,
the goal of this event is to bag as many Fusions as possible.

One team will be given a CritX Mod and they will count your bag count.
(avoiding saying "kill" count cause it sounds less harsh that way)
this way, we will have an unbiased party reporting in with the numbers. In other words, this is to avoid liars and tall tales.

I'm thinking that we should condense the group into just two members so the CritX mod can keep up with the bag count.

As a CritX Mod you have to be fast enough to keep up with the group though.
Would hate for you to slow them down.

-Cannot argue with the Moderator-

-The Big Game hunt will be condensed in one area-
I'm thinking of allowing either Mods to pick the area for teams or letting the team determine the Hunting area.

I am also thinking we should offer a point system for different kind of Bags.

More points for level capped Fusions.
offer a reason to debate strategy.
Do you go for quantity bags - or Quality bags?
gotta figure out a point system too.

CritX is MISSING!!!

During a Bad Max Hunt gone wrong, A gust of wind Swept up the members and wisked them out far into the world of FusionFall.

Find all 4 members first and get the Bad Max Crate as a Reward!

Each member will give a clue where to find the next member according to bits and pieces of information they recieved over their Nanocom.

You find Ultimate Annilation. He gives you an Action Blindfold or some sort of rare item as a prize for finding him and let's you know he's gonna chill here to catch his breath but he DID get a garbled report from Oliver saying that he couldnt believe Father would hang these up.

This would lead the player to one of the posters in Sector V where Father put up posters encouraging kids to join him.
After finding him and Oliver gives you an item, he will then tell you that he couldn't get much from Raj other than the fact that she smells of Dirt, fertilizer and pickles.

This would lead you to the Mayor's garden.

You get the Idea.

I want to point out that the spots may not be so spread out. The search area can be a bit more condensed than that.

I think for this, CriticalX will wear something similar and Identifying.

That way players wont be confused.

Now. I want to point out that in order for this to work, I'm going to need you guys's help. I cant do this without some extra pairs of eyes.
But if you dont want to host and actually participate then that's fine too.

It's just that when we have alot of Moderators maintaining the event I'm sure we can probably keep this event in control as much as we can.

We will have to make it known that IF a spammer gets his forever alone notion to come and ruin people's lives, WE ARE TO RELOCATE IMMEDEATELY.

Keep your eyes on the MAIN PERSON which will be me, and do nothing but leave.

Or we can all log out, wait 5 or so minutes, and then log back in and relocate to the Back up spot.

But before we do that, we need to choose a relatively isolated place to even start the festivities. One without too much traffic..........but not desolate enough for anyone to come by.

Well! I know I forgot some stuff but that's all I can remember for right now. I know we had like 10 or so Ideas so you guys will just have to come here and list them up so I can put it in this post.
That last idea by Grumpy was REALLY GOOD.
too bad I cant remember what it was.

This OP took 3 1/2 hours to make.
Cheers Mate!

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PostSubject: Re: Xtreme Events    Xtreme Events  EmptyThu Mar 28, 2013 2:41 pm

I really like the CtriX Missing event sounds like fun and I got a bunch of crates I can give as prizes Sounds sweet check out the thread in Xtreme fir more sunny In the annocments section the orginal one alien

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Xtreme Events
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